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Water Pumps


These pumps are designed to suit the requirements of the common man as per the availability of water in the borehole, and are predominantly used for drinking water. The pump is selected based on the depth of the BOREHOLE, e.g., India Mark-II, India Mark-III, Extra deepwell, Afridev, WALIMI, TANIRA, TARA, RUWATSON etc. All these pumps are manufactured in our ISO-9002 certified facilities and conform to international standards under stringent quality control measures. The inputs are also taken from the field level to overcome the challenges.


The TREADLE PUMPS are designed to pump water from SUMPS, OPENWELLS and SHALLOW WELLS to irrigate the fields. These are most suitable in the areas where power/electricity is a problem. These pumps are most efficient in cases of continuous pumping of water, and an adult (or two children) can individually pump about 5000 to 7500 liters per hour. Treadle pumps have an advantage over the conventional pumps in that they are easy to operate, remove and refit anywhere with simple tools and without requiring special skills.


These pumps are again SURFACE PUMPS and SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS. All are motorized using either electricity or fuel engines. They can be used for any application such as SEWAGE PUMPING, DEWATERING, SLUDGE PUMPS, RAW WATER PUMPING, WATER TREATMENT PUMPING, DOSING PUMPS etc.,


These pumps are operated with the help of SOLAR POWER which is converted into energy with the help of solar photovoltaic modules. The energy can be stored in the battery packs to be used when there is no sun. These pumps can also be operated directly during the day without storage devices.


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