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Solar Lighting Systems

Basically Solar lighting systems are designed to meet the end user requirements in remote areas at an affordable price. We have classified the Solar Lighting Systems into the three categories.
  1. Solar Portable Lanterns for indoor and outdoor usage.
  2. Solar Streetlight for Outdoor applications.
  3. Solar Home Systems.
We believe that the basic need of the customer especially in remote area is, indoor and outdoor Lighting.

Indoor lighting:

BALAJI had developed three models in indoor lighting and two models in outdoor applications. The details of the same are as under:

S. No. Model Lamp Battery Capacity PV Module Rating Duty Cycle
1. BALAJI SL 065 CFL 5W 6V / 4.5 AH 5.0 W 2 - 3 hrs/day
2. BALAJI SL 125 CFL 5W 12V / 7.0 AH 8.0 W 4 - 5 hrs/day
3. BALAJI SL 127 CFL 7W 12V / 7.0 AH 10.0 W 3 - 4 hrs/day


A Solar Photovoltaic Lantern is a lighting system consisting of lamp, battery and electronics all placed in a suitable housing made of metal, plastic or fiber glass and a PV module.

For more details on this see the literature


Solar Home Systems are designed to meet the basic requirements of end users in semi-urban, remote areas and places where the conventional supply is erratic.

For more details on this see the literature


Solar Photovoltaic streetlight is a reliable & and efficient standalone system. This system primarily consists of Solar Module(s), Lead Acid battery(s), Luminaries with built-in electronics, mechanical structure for the mounting all the sub-systems and a Cable Kit for inter connections.

For more details on this see the literature

Outdoor lighting:

BALAJI had developed two models for the outdoor applications and the details of the same are as under. These systems will switch ON at night and switches off in the morning or it operates from dusk to dawn automatically.

S. No. Model Lamp Lead Acid Battery Capacity PV Module Rating Duty Cycle
1. BALAJI STL11 CFL 11W 12V 80 or 65 AH 80W Dusk to dawn
2. BALAJI STL18 CFL 18W 12V 120 or 100 AH 100W Dusk to dawn

BALAJI can develop Solar Systems to meet any specific requirement of the customer. We need to know the following data for system designing.

  1. Purpose of the Light.
  2. Duration or operation per day.
  3. Location of the end user.


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