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Lift Irrigation

Presently we have a Major Lift Irrigation scheme on hand to irrigate about 7000 hectares of agricultural land in Satara District of Maharashtra. The following are the details of the same.

  1. Survey of gross command area of 7000 hectares, preparations of designs, drawings of complete project.

  2. Construction of jack well, Intake well etc.,

  3. Construction of Pump house, fixing the pumping systems of VT pumps of 900 HP four numbers.

  4. Laying of rising main of 1000 mm dia M.S Pipe line with cement coating on both outside and inside for a length of 4000 meters.

  5. Second stage Pumping system with VT Pumps of 550 HP four numbers.

  6. Construction of Delivery chambers of requisite dimensions for Distribution Lines.

  7. Distribution mains of RCC Pipes, PVC Pipes, PSC Pipes for a total length of 150000 meters.

  8. The pump houses will be provided with Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)
The current status of the project is:

Survey work is under progress and all the required materials are being planned for procurement.


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